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Chartered Institute of Environmental Health logo SYLLABUS:

A. Understanding fire risk and fire risk controls
Candidates should develop knowledge and understanding of fire risk and control and be able to:
  • Explain how fires are caused in the workplace and provide examples of components of the fire triangle that may be found in the workplace.
  • Identify the hazards during or after a fire, including the products of combustion.
  • Describe the characteristics of fire and smoke spread.
  • State the different methods used to identify and control fire hazards and identify relevant limiting factors associated with these.
  • Define the term 'means of escape' and identify typical components, including the principle of compartmentation and protected routes.
  • Describe methods of fire detection and raising the alarm.
  • Describe how fires are extinguished and state the safe operating parameters for the use of portable fire-fighting equipment.
  • Identify common fixed fire-fighting systems and state where they might be used: pressurised gas systems; water/foam - dry and wet systems.
B. Principles and practice of fire safety
Candidates should develop knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice of fire safety and be able to:
  • Outline the main legislation in the UK for the management of fire safety in the workplace and define the key terminology used.
  • Outline the legal duties of an employer and an employee with respect to fire safety in the workplace.
  • Describe the stages involved in a fire risk assessment.
  • Understand how to undertake a simple fire safety inspection of their workplace to ensure that fire risk remains at an acceptable level.
C. The role of the fire warden
Candidates should develop knowledge and understanding of the role of the nominated fire warden and be able to:
  • State the role and finction of fire wardens in their workplace:
    • on a day-to-day basis - to include checking fire risk controls remain effective.
    • during an emergency - to include how to raise the alarm and contact the emergency services and what they should do in order to protect themselves and those people in the area for which they have designated responsibility.
    • if they are not in their designated areas of responsibility when the alarm is raised.
  • Provide an induction briefing for new people coming into their area of responsibility to ensure that those people know:
    • how to raise the alarm and what action they should take.
    • where the fire exits and key fire safety features are located in their workplace.

Any employee who has responsibility for Health and Safety including facilities personnel.

1 day 09:00hrs 16:00hrs

211 + vat (group of 10 1,200 + vat)

Telephone : 0118 921 2527

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